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Charles E. Wert

With almost 50 years of experience, Chuck is widely recognized as one of the first and few current authorities for the standard of care for Trustees involved in corporate transactions. Chuck has recently retired from his position as Vice Chairman of Evercore Trust Company.  Under Chuck’s leadership, Evercore Trust Company and its predecessors provided services to 75% of the top 20 Corporate Plan Sponsors, 60% of companies comprising the Dow Jones average, and 25% of these companies in the Fortune 500. Among his specialties, Chuck is a leader in pioneering, innovative and creative solutions in the use of company stock and alternative investments to solve various corporate initiatives. Chuck frequently speaks at industry forums and is cited and referenced in industry periodicals.


Expertise is reviewing and negotiating stock purchases, sales, reorganizations, and proxy voting.

Real Estate valuation analysis, negotiating land purchases, land leases and subsequent sales.

Best practices for hiring, retaining, and supervising outside counsel and other experts.

Nationally recognized expert on role of Independent Fiduciary in complex employee benefit plan transactions.


Chuck led a team that conducted one of the first ESOP financed buyouts for Raymond International. The standards of fiduciary care that were established during this transaction and those transactions that followed are still used today and is recognized as best practice in the trust industry.

Chuck served as the trustee for the establishment of the ESOP for Lockheed Corporation which held 26% of the company’s outstanding stock. This plan served as a key obstacle to thwart two attempted hostile takeover attempts and required the trustee to vote this block of shares in the long-term interest of the plan’s employee participants.

Chuck and his team managed a landmark transaction where General Motors contributed its holdings of GM Class E (EDS) stock to its defined benefit plan. This transaction required special exemptions from the DOL, IRS, and an Act of Congress to facilitate the transaction (which solved a severe under funding problem).  

Chuck has served as the primary Trustee for other major U.S. Corporations such as Boeing, Northrop, and United Technologies.

*Detailed resume available upon request.